Monthly Archives: December 2006

Well, I am now in Tuscon at my aunts house.  (That’s pronounced like “Ant”)  The highlight of the trip thus far was definitely snowboarding in California.  I can now say that I’ve actually snowboarded on a real mountain.  I even went on a couple black diamonds.  I’ve decided that since I will be unable to kiss anyone on new years, everyone must give me vitual kisses on here.  I’m expecting vivid descriptions.  Lol, I’m just kidding.  No one would take me up on that anyway.

Well, I’m here in Palm Springs, CA, sitting on the back patio stealing someones wireless internet and enjoying 70 degree weather.  It is indeed lovely.  It’d be better if I had someone else my age to enjoy it with, but that’s okay.  There are some cute canadian girls with their family next door….  Anyway, hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas.  Kiss somebody on New Years for me.

Let me take a moment to rant about the individuals who are not only excessively cocky, but also hypocritical about such.  You just wonder to yourself, “Did you seriously just say that?”, but theres really no point in saying it outloud because no one’s thought is more correct than theirs.

Okay, I’m done.  Two finals down, one to go.  My roommate Drew just finished today.  I’m incredibly jealous.  It’s not really the final in itself that is stressful–it’s the preparation for it and the inability to ever fully take your mind off it until it’s over with.

Well, the weekend was fun.  On Friday, we had our ugly sweater christmas party complete with cooking decorating and a white elephant gift exchange.  Disgusting hot spiced wine made by chet, off key christmas carols by nick and chet, and delicious spiked punch pretty much sums up the evening.  Saturday night was definitely the more memorable of the two.  I treked up to Fremont for Lessons and Carols (threatened severely if I did not attend).  Afterwards, was my very first Spin-the-Bottle experience.  There were numerous unexpected end results to that game–I’ll leave it at that.  Now I’m sitting in The Mill drinking coffee and trying to study, but the mere 3 hours of sleep I got last night is really catching up with me.

Saturday, December 2nd was the night I almost died.  Well, I suppose I wasn’t anywhere near death, but it sure as hell felt like it.  I was puking (and the other action) all night.  Any liquid or anything consumed was violently expelled half an hour later.  There was one thing I realized in my night of agony, however.  It is amazing how delicious water is when it is condemned.  Must be why alcohol is so good…