Monthly Archives: July 2007

Another exciting weekend has passed.  Heather cancelled the Beach Bash, but that
didn’t stop me from going to Yankton.  6
of us went up there to camp.  Tara and I
headed up Thursday, and her dad took the two of us out on the boat that
evening.  I was so close to getting up on
one ski.  Hopefully I can get another
chance before the end of the summer.  On
Friday, Tara had a doctor’s appointment, so I
went and played Frisbee golf with her brother and sister and sister’s bf.  I won of course.  Then Friday afternoon, the rest of the gang
showed up and we floated down the river. 
The journey turned out to be more exciting than we expected.  Starting with Bridget almost getting taken
out by a fallen tree in the middle of the river and ending with Kevin stepping
on either a sharp rock or broken glass as he was trying to get out of the water
at the end.  He gashed his foot pretty
bad, and we had to take him to the ER for stitches.  Saturday was more skiing (or attempted skiing
for that matter).  It was everyone else’s
first time.  Saturday night we tried to
go skinny dipping, but were stopped by the park ranger before we even got to
the water.  It was probably a combination
of the towels we were carrying and Laura running squealing (I don’t want to get
in trouble) that tipped him off that we were up to mischief.  Oh well, another time. 

This past weekend was pretty decent.  Tara’s extended family rented out a condo and
several hotel rooms on lake
Okaboji, so I got to go
up with her and meet the relatives and what not.  It was an interesting experience.  Tara’s
family had one hotel room with two beds. 
Thus, her brother and I slept on the floor in sleeping bags while Tara,
Her sister, and her parents got the beds. 
Me and Tara’s family sharing a hotel
room–It’s just funny to me.  I guess I
already know them pretty well, so it wasn’t a big deal, but still.  Anyway, the extended family is pretty big, so
I had a lot of faces to remember.  I
think I did a pretty good job.  They
seemed to like me anyway.


Tara and I kind of had our first argument on the way
back.  It was kind of stupid.  I probably kind of picked it because I was
freaking out a little.  I don’t know, it
just doesn’t seem right to not argue at all about anything.  Kind of feels like you may be just letting
things go to avoid a fight, and I’m uncomfortable with that.  In any case, we got it all resolved, so it’s
all good now.


In other interesting news, I can now successfully sleep
while cuddling.  I don’t know how I
accomplished this, but I did.  First I
had to be drunk, so I could just kind of pass out, but now I can pretty much do
it anytime.  Exciting stuff.

So I realized that I was missing the diary aspect of
xanga.  It was always nice to go back and
read old entries and reminisce.  Thus I
think I’ll start up again, but more for me this time.


This past weekend I took a trip up to Norfolk with Tara, Drew, Elizabeth, and Isaac
(nick came for Friday night). Isaac lives up there so we stayed at his house.  The reason for our trip was the Madison County fair.  Oh yeah! 
Actually it was pretty good.  We
got to see Dierks Bently and Blake Shelton in concert.  Dierks holds a special place in my heart as
he was the first country artist I could actually stand way back during nights
of falling asleep to CMT.  Blake Shelton
played on Sunday night, and due to the heavy rain that finished up just before
the concert, the rodeo arena in which the concert took place was a huge mud pit
with mud wrestling galore.  Definitely
the ideal country concert.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention waiting out said storm in one
of the beer garden tents.  Nothing beats
watching a thunderstorm with a bunch of drunks. 
In situations like that, various hero’s arise.  Beer runners, who risk their life in the 50
foot sprint through the pouring rain from our tent to the tent that sells the
beer, and then, there are the individuals that run about, pushing the tent
ceiling up to drain out excess water. 
One particular man was particularly tough.  Clad in a garbage bag with arm holes torn
out, the burly individual went about smoking a cigarette and carrying a Mike’s
Hard performing said feat.  If not for
his valiant efforts, the tent that sheltered us could have surely collapsed.

I think I’ll write a blunt xanga for once.  This is slightly ironic because I’m writing
it at work and am typing it in an Outlook email message so it looks like I’m
writing a work related email.  I’ll copy
and paste it over when I’m done.  I guess
I could talk about happenings and such. 
Summer’s going decent, but I’m beginning to wish I could just quit work
and be a bum for the rest of the summer. 
Not that work is bad, but Tara is
completely destroying me in tanness.  Her
and her stupid hour-a-day lab job.  Oh
well, at least I have money.  Several of
us are heading up to Norfolk
this weekend for their county fair.  It
should be a good time—mostly because of the Dirks Bently concert that will be
included in the festivities.


Oh yeah, I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night.  It was decent, I guess.  The things that stuck out were Hermione’s
increasing hotness (although they managed to eliminate any sensuality factor that
could have arisen), and about a 5 second shot revealing how amazing Ginny’s ass
is.  No wonder Harry ends up dating her
and not Hermione.  What a homo for
dumping her though.  Seriously.