Monthly Archives: December 2008

I haven’t gotten much sleep that last several nights.  Yet now, having the opportunity to go to bed early to catch up on sleep, I can not sleep.  I get up at 5 tomorrow morning to head to the airport with my family to go to AZ.  The getting up at that hour is not exciting, but going to a climate of sunny and 60 degress is quite appealing.  Perhaps I can catch up on sleep on the plane.

Graduation is over.  Isaac and I decided to put LED displays on our graduation caps for commencement.  Therefore, we basically pulled an all nigher at my work thursday night putting them together and were up until 1:30 friday night finishing them up.  1:30 doesn’t sound bad for a friday, but I had to get up at 6 to pick Tara up from the train station, which, despite the crawling out of bed part, was a good thing.  We got back to the apartment and “relaxed”, as Rachel would put it, until it was time to get ready for commencement.

Back to the hats.  We were the envy of all the engineers.  The hats were a huge hit.  However, the proffessors did not like them so much.  Probably afraid they would say something bad or something.  Anyway, a stern guy immediately confiscated our batteries as soon as we sat down.  Fortunately, we both had a spare set of batteries, so we immediately reloaded, but left the hats turned off until right after recieving our diplomas. 

Now, hopefully things will settle down a little bit.  These last few weeks have been exciting, but very hectic.

I’m officially done.  I just took my one and only final.  I don’t think that it has set it yet–the semester was pretty slow until these last couple weeks.  Next week I will begin a month long hiatus of anything work related.  Monday to Friday is Arizona with the family,  Saturday & Sunday is Christmas with Tara’s family, General R&R up until the 8th of Jan, then skiing in Utah with Isaac’s family, more R&R in Salt Lake, and then Vegas with Skyler, Isaac, Gavin, Tara, and 4 of Tara’s classmates.  Kick ass.

Yay snow, boo driving to Omaha in it for a hygienist appt. 

I have to admit, it still takes me multiple tries to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to click to write a new post on here. 

I am officially done with senior design.  After tweaking and tuning until midnight monday night and a capacitor explosion, we got our project working and ready for demonstration on Tuesday.  For 3 hours, professors and students wandered by, perused our presentation board and got shot by marshmallows.  For 3 hours, shouts of glee and laughter filled the engineering department and numerous “Outstanding project!”, “That’s Awesome!”, and “Great Job!” comments were made from some of the highest professors in the department.  It was incredible, and such a relief.

The semester is rapidly coming to a close.  It’s surreal, it’s emotional, and it is terrific.  Now to return to the LED display for my graduation hat…