Monthly Archives: February 2009

It’s 4:30 in the afternoon last Thursday.  I’m trying to stay productive for the last half an hour or so of work.  Suddenly the manager, Scott, is on the phone.  “Want to go to Louisville, KY?”–He asks.  I’m a bit surprised.  I had known that one of the higher-up engineers had been planning on going on that trip, but had gotten strep throat and had to back out.  I had also known that other people were being asked to go.  I had not known, however, that everyone that would go before me could not.  I agree to go pretty quickly.  My flight would leave at seven the next morning.  I am quickly and vaguely briefed about what I am to do when I’m down there, and before I know it, I’m on my way.  My very first business trip.  I spent 30 hours in Louisville at one of the largest farm machinery shows in the country by myself.  It was interesting–a good experience.  I got more than my share of farmer dialect though.  By the time I had heard “I done talked to your husband” and “My back hurts like a mruver frucker” late Saturday afternoon, I had heard enough.  I left the show, took a quick, wild taxi ride downtown to see it, and then back to the airport for my flight back to Omaha.

Tomorrow after work I’m flying to Salt Lake to visit Tara.  Seems like I just got off a plane.  Needless to say, I’m excited for that though.  Looks like one of her friends can get cheap lift tickets (like two for $10 cheap) so that’s going to rock.  Also going to rock will be…well, you know…

Relaxing–as Rachel would put it
Cuddling–as Amanda would put it
Watching Goldmember–as Laura would put it
Doing the Dishes–as Tara would put it
Making out with BJ’s and Eating out–as Jake would put it