The First Days of Spring in Pictures

This past weekend was jam-packed with awesomeness.  What better way to kick off the start of Spring than spending the weekend outdoors?  On Saturday, after I had gotten my hair cut by the drag queen, and gone on a bit of a shopping spree at Harbor Freight, Tara and I did the short hike to the top of Ensign Peak—the site at which Brigham Young, himself had climbed, still suffering a bit of mountain fever, and played one of the earliest games of Sim City!


I even managed to sneak a few candid photos of Tara while she admired the view.


Later on, we hiked a bit higher and sat on the grassy slope surveying the rich neighborhood far below while dreamily critiquing the houses.


I opened the aperture and attempted to snap  some more candid shots of Tara, but she wasn’t having it.


Isn’t she lovely? 

She’s adorable, of course, that’s why I married her.  It may seem like I’m just saying that to make up for actually posting this photo, but it’s really true.

Later on, we packed up a picnic lunch, and headed out to Sugarhouse Park for a grill-out picnic dinner and bocce ball.  Our camp grill makes grilling out crazy easy!  I was even able to take Laura-Style photos while the burgers cooked.


The best pre-made guacamole dip ever:


You open those chips…


Look at that awesome burger!  Yes, I know, we forgot to get block cheese…


Bocce Balls! Tara managed to beat me once before I owned her in the second game.


Even Sunday was a blast with disc golf and me getting out on the mountain bike trails, which, did indeed, kick my ass.  Winter in Utah was so much fun with the not-quite-so-harsh temperatures and all the snowboarding, but I am still itching for the warm weather, and everything that comes with it: Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Bike Riding, Grilling Out—Maybe I’ll just become a mountain man this summer.  I’d live in a grove of pine trees at the mouth of Provo Canyon, bathing and catching trout in the stream for breakfast before riding my bike in to work.  What do you think, Tara?

2 thoughts on “The First Days of Spring in Pictures

  1. You guys are too cute. Love the pics…keep it up! And thanks for the shout-out 🙂

    Hope you guys are having a great time celebrating your first bday in UT!!

    Hmm…Tara didn’t say “no”..just that you would be stinky…

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