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So this just in: October is nearly over.  This means fall is giving way to winter.  I swear Summer goes way faster when one is no longer in school.  This doesn’t really make sense to me.  To be honest, I don’t mind that the warm weather is dwindling.  I’d say Tara and I made good use of it.  I could have have done with at least one more backpacking trip, but two is good.  Besides, we could just get winter sleeping bags and then we could go in the winter too.  Then we wouldn’t even need a tent!  We’d just dig a snow cave!  Not to mention, my snowboard is waiting down there in the basement, and I’m starting to itch to have it out again.  And we’re only a month away!  Insane!

Anyway, I figured I should post a fall picture or two before it’s too late.  These are from a Sunday afternoon hike up in Millcreek Canyon Tara and I did a few weeks ago.  I love the red “berries” that come out in fall.  I’m not sure what they are though.

Can't think of anything quirky to say here.

60mm  F5.6  1/125 sec  ISO-100


The mysterious berries

70mm  F5.6  1/20 sec  ISO-100

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