So, my wife caught me light painting…

I recently purchased a new tripod.  This is very exciting because it was a long process of deliberating back and forth between something that is light and something that is functional.  In the end, I opted for functional, and have been happy with it. 

The other night, I was down in the basement with the lights off using the tripod for some light painting.  7 seconds into a 15 second exposure in which I was attempting to trace my snowboard with an LED flashlight, I heard Tara on the stairs coming to see what I was up to.  I immediately knew I’d be receiving crap for this one.  I guess I could have scrapped the shot, and assumed a less compromising position by the time she entered the room, but I didn’t feel like it.   It was exactly as predicted.  Although she nearly assumed I was not in the basement when she rounded the landing and saw the lights off, it was not long before she noticed me, snowboard in one hand, waving a flashlight with the other.  Her laughter was loud and immediate.  Were we not married, I may have been thoroughly embarrassed.




I then enlisted her help holding the snowboard up for me

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