Blog Dares 2011!!

Evidently National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) has a forum page in which writers dare other writers to include things in their novels.  I thought this would be a good idea for bloggers as well.  Therefore, to kick off 2011, I have drafted up some dares for everybody on my blogroll.

Gavin’s Stuff:  Do a post entitled “Top 10 Books to have on Your Coffee Table When Having a Girl Over”.  Extra points if you get rid of that boring, overly white theme. 

Jake and Amanda’s Pop Culture Blog:  You guys do too much TV.  I’d like to see some music critiques.

Laura K Peters:  Since launch, we’ve enjoyed macros rich with texture, vibrant colors, and contrast, and beautiful portraits in a wide variety of locales.  Lets see some landscapes and maybe some architecture.  You’ve got that tripod now.  Extra points for an HDR of downtown Lincoln.

Marriage & Food:  Actually post something.  Haha, kidding!  Sort of…  Do a top 10 list of Jesse’s best(worst?) puns of all time.

Single Plus Cat:  Have you ever seen a cat flying through the air?  It is easily one of my favorite images.  Just picturing it now makes me smile.  Have someone throw Benny onto the bed while you snap photos, and then post these.  Be sure not to get the thrower in the picture.  Also, don’t plug me on this post.  The last thing I need is PETA after me…

The Reynolds Tribe:  Write a post in 3rd person narrative style.  Extra points for use of words like “Therefore”, “However”, and “Ubiquitous”.

6 thoughts on “Blog Dares 2011!!

  1. I am kind of sad I didn’t get a DARE…..But there is no way I would ever start a BLOG, especially when I can enjoy reading other peoples (like yours and Kara’s). Thanks for the enjoyable reading.

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