Photo of the Whatever

I feel slightly silly posting this picture here after I already posted it in a facebook album, but I’m just so darn pleased with how it turned out.  Tara and I were on our way back from Omaha after the holidays on the Amtrak, and got off in Winter Park, CO to stretch our legs.  It was like 3 degrees out, but it wasn’t so bad in the sun.  I had gotten a polarizing filter for Christmas, so I was eager to try it out.  Now I just need to learn some Photoshop magic so I can remove the rest of the people from the platform!


_DSC315770mm  F5.6  1/500 sec  ISO-100  With Polarizer  


If you haven’t ridden the train, definitely add it to your bucket list.  There is not a more relaxing way to travel, save maybe a water vessel, and the scenery is simply amazing.

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