Random Thoughts Regarding Music

1.  Will.I.Am of the Black-Eyed Peas is credited for being a creative mastermind that dissects hit songs, analyzes them, and then uses elements from each to create his songs.  This is all well and good, but seriously, how much “mastermind” does it take to know that a song targeted at a young adult audience will automatically be a hit so long as it is about drinking and girls with large behinds with a catchy tune that you can grind to?  Sir Mixalot already showed us that!  Personally, I’m still trying to figure out how the line “Wacha gonna do with all that junk inside that trunk?” can be used as a come on without being accused of calling her fat.

2.  Chad Kroger of Nickelback wrote the song Animals when he was 36.  A song about sneaking around with a teenage girl, this either makes this a song of statutory rape, or quite possibly one of the biggest sellouts in the history of music.  I’m surprised Bob Dylan hasn’t slapped him in the face.

3.  Larry Norman might have been the only Christian artist to produce real, quality music.  As turbulent as the Christian walk can be, you’d think that artists could implant the same edge, soul and angst into Christian music that makes secular music great.  Not the case apparently.  You might be thinking: “What’d you do, Andrew? Listen to 3 Christian artists and then come to that conclusion?”.  Well I did.

4.  2 things I took from Katy Perry’s Firwork music video:
     i.  Fat girls can be sluts too.
     ii.  Katy Perry can shoot fireworks from her cleavage.

5.  Anybody still wondering how Justin Bieber talked Ludacris into recording Baby with him?  Last I checked, Ludacris still had a career.

6.  In 10 years, the Beatles released 12 albums, each progressing into new territory, and then broke up.  Staind is going on 15 years and still singing about pain.  That in itself is inspiration for a Staind song.  Also, I just discovered that Staind recently released an album called The Illusion of Progress.  Is that not the most delicious bit of irony you’ve ever seen?

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Regarding Music

  1. You haven’t listened to enough Rich Mullins, then. And as crappy as Christian rap tends to be, Lecrae is quite good.

  2. @Garin-Lol, I got a taste of Lecrae on your ipod over Christmas. I was unimpressed. I’ll give David Crowder a chance.

  3. Larry Norman is considered to be the grandfather of Christian rock, which begs the question: Who’s the father? I don’t think anyone has a good answer. As a Christian artist, Rich Mullins is at the top of my list, but if you’re looking strictly for hard rock, Norman is your man. You might try to find some Randy Stonehill. And what about Jars of Clay?

    I don’t wonder anything about Justin Bieber.

    If you wanted to make a positive statement about drug abuse it would have to be the Beatles. Few people find the creative genius that Lennon and McCartney did in their mind altered states. Most people tend to stagnate.

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