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May is always a busy month here at AbsolutelyAndrew.  And by AbsolutelyAndrew, I mean the Newcomb household.  Mr. & Mrs. AbsolutelyAndrew…

Where was I?  Oh, yes, May.  We made a quick trip back to Omaha to watch Garin graduate.  It was a fun trip, but as always, to fast.

Shortly after Omaha, we checked into Snowbird resort for our annual staycation.  This was only our 2nd one, but we decided immediately after the 1st that it would be a Newcomb tradition.  The resort is only a short drive up from the valley, so we commuted down during the day and enjoyed the steam room and solarium in the evenings.  All couples should take regular staycations.  They are so rejuvenating.

We stayed for a week.  The first Saturday we were there, we snow-shoed around the resort.  There was like 20 inches of fresh snow, and crazy avalanche danger, so we didn’t dare leave the resort.  Across the highway, we were able so see several impressive avalanches (not anywhere near us, Mom).






Sunday, we decided to hit the slopes for the novelty of it.  What a crappy day to go!  It was raining at the base and snowing at the top.  Mid-mountain was dense fog that prevented us from seeing more than 15 feet.  Snowbird’s supposed to be open until July 4th this year, but I think we’ll call that a successful season and shelve the gear until next winter.  After the mountain closed at noon due to avalanche danger, we quickly stripped our wet clothes, (I promise this isn’t about to get awkward…) and jumped into our balcony hot tub.  That’s one bad thing about living so close to the resorts—this is a luxury that we rarely get to indulge in, and it is so amazing!






We found some killer sales at the resort ski shop, and got me a new jacket and Tara a helmet.  I told her I didn’t want her doing those double corks without one.


Tara tries out her new helmet back at the Condo

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  1. I love the one of Tara in action! That sounds a bit weird, but I don’t know any other way to word it since I don’t know anything about “hitting the slopes.” Thanks for sharing though! Love that you are developing so many traditions.

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