Coffee Table Refurb

Our college-era coffee table was a bit of an eye-sore in the living room.  I was in a DIY mood, so I decided to paint it.  Spray paint has always been my favorite medium when it comes to painting.  This mostly likely comes from my days of painting skate ramps as a youngster.  The thing I love about spray paint is that it is so idiot proof.  Hold the can far enough away, keep it moving, and you can’t go wrong.  I used two colors: black to match our couch, and a deep red to go with our wine theme.  I also painted the metal handles gold so they’d really pop.


The car port is a perfect place for painting projects.

Before Picture



Sanding officially sucks

Sanding.  Admittedly, I gave up on this after a friend told me you only need to sand if you’re going to re-stain.


A little bit of the new floor here too.

Finished product!  And Tara’s foot…


What's yer handle?



This was like a 10 sec exposure.


Reader participation time!!  We’re shopping for an area rug to go under the coffee table.  What color should we go with?  We were thinking white…

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