AbsolutelyAndrew Turns 2!!

A few weeks ago this blog turned the ripe age of 2 years old.  Much has happened in the past 2 years.  Blogging has gone in and out of style twice, other hobbies perpetually try to kill this blog, and I continue to be one of the only men I know that actively participate in this hobby.  Dignity be damned, I keep on keepin’ on.  This past year I wrote 51 posts.  This is slightly less than last year and nowhere near my goal of 100 (last years drunken New Year’s resolution).

It is this time of year that I like to take narcism to a new level, above and beyond writing a blog about myself, and publish the greatest hits of myself.  As always (a total of twice), I do the top five by page views and, because that’s usually disappointing, I also do my top 5 favorite.

Top Posts by Numbers:
5. Tara’s Account of our First Backpacking Trip
4.  What to do if you Encounter a Mormon
3.  University of Nebraska Bucket List
2. Garin’s Account of Mt. Newcomb
1.  Was That Girl Topless?

Honorable Mention: We Are NOT Pregnant

My Favorite:
5.  What to do if you Encounter a Mormon
4.  The Respect of a Moose
3.  Camp Shower
2.  Things You Do When You’re Married
1.  Awkward CPU


Great Moments in Comments:

When Benjamin corrected my spelling of “Haight-Ashbury” moments before I could get the edit uploaded.

When Laura admitted to farting prior to entering a coworker’s office.

When Garin simply commented: “I Enjoy your Wood” with regards to our wood floor.

When my father commiserated about an 18 year-old Garin waking he and my mother up at 6 AM Christmas Morning


Self-Proclaimed Best Photo of the Year:




3 thoughts on “AbsolutelyAndrew Turns 2!!

  1. And in honor of the second birthday, let me remind you of this gem: “That’s my thoughts, take them how they lie.”

  2. @Garin–Wow, I forgot about that tagline. That’s not even proper grammar. Do me a favor and never reference a Xanga post again.

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