Advances in the Photography Front

I’ve yet to become a huge fan of post processing.  In a way, it seems like cheating, but mostly it’s just because I loose interest in such things after a photo has been taken.  But I’m trying to do better.  We recently purchased an iMac, and with it comes iPhoto.  I love this program, and it has finally helped me take an interest in photo editing.  With a single click of the “Enhance” button, a good photo can become great.  I also enjoy the shutter correction features and filters.  Some day soon, I’ll probably purchase some full-blown processing software such as Photoshop Elements, which seems the obvious choice.  Pixelmator looks like a pretty solid option as well.

Here are some of the photos from our Christmas trip to Tahoe, thanks to iPhoto:




Tara’s parents were nice enough to give me an external flash for Christmas.  Now I can accomplish that nice ceiling bounce without doing tricks like this.







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