Monthly Archives: August 2012

15% More Time

Tonight I complain about time, or the lack thereof.  I spent the last couple years of college looking forward to all the time I would have once I graduated.  8 hours a day, 5 days a week, no homework, weekends free.  Sounded like vacation at the time.  Now I look back and laugh.  I totally had it tough in college.  Chilling out at the Coffee House for a couple hours every morning.  Hitting the gym for an hour in between classes.  Lazy, hung-over saturday afternoons.  I was such a workaholic back then.

Perhaps Tara’s and my problem now is having jobs that we care about too much.  8 hour days gradually turned into 9 hour days.  This is saying something because I remember when an 8 hour day actually only constituted about 5 hours of real work.  So now we find ourselves wishing we could have even 15% more time.  Funny how we humans always need 15% more.  15% more money, 15% more time, or in the case of Warren Jeffs, 15% more teenage wives.

I’ve tried to talk Tara into hiring a butler/maid that takes care of all our chores for us so we can just play when we get home from work.  That will probably never happen, but it’s fun to dream.  Then again, maybe I could put that time spent dreaming towards something useful…