My name is Andrew Newcomb and I hale from the west side of the Rocky Mountains in Salt Lake City.  My beautiful wife, Tara, and I moved out here back in August ’09 shortly after being married.  We’re both originally from the midwest: she from Yankton, SD, and I from Omaha, NE.  We met each other at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in ’06, and after a few drunken makeouts thanks to Truth-or-Dare Jenga, started actually dating.  A few months later we were in love, and eventually, married.

I’m an electronics design engineer who happens to have a passion for creative writing on the side.  Thus, I write this blog, to amuse, thought-provoke, and keep our friends back in the midwest up-to-date on our lives and the wonders of married life.

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  1. Hi Andrew! Remember me? Came over to KZCO on loan from EDM for a while that summer…good to see you doing well!!!

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