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AbsolutelyAndrew Turns 2!!

A few weeks ago this blog turned the ripe age of 2 years old.  Much has happened in the past 2 years.  Blogging has gone in and out of style twice, other hobbies perpetually try to kill this blog, and I continue to be one of the only men I know that actively participate in this hobby.  Dignity be damned, I keep on keepin’ on.  This past year I wrote 51 posts.  This is slightly less than last year and nowhere near my goal of 100 (last years drunken New Year’s resolution).

It is this time of year that I like to take narcism to a new level, above and beyond writing a blog about myself, and publish the greatest hits of myself.  As always (a total of twice), I do the top five by page views and, because that’s usually disappointing, I also do my top 5 favorite.

Top Posts by Numbers:
5. Tara’s Account of our First Backpacking Trip
4.  What to do if you Encounter a Mormon
3.  University of Nebraska Bucket List
2. Garin’s Account of Mt. Newcomb
1.  Was That Girl Topless?

Honorable Mention: We Are NOT Pregnant

My Favorite:
5.  What to do if you Encounter a Mormon
4.  The Respect of a Moose
3.  Camp Shower
2.  Things You Do When You’re Married
1.  Awkward CPU


Great Moments in Comments:

When Benjamin corrected my spelling of “Haight-Ashbury” moments before I could get the edit uploaded.

When Laura admitted to farting prior to entering a coworker’s office.

When Garin simply commented: “I Enjoy your Wood” with regards to our wood floor.

When my father commiserated about an 18 year-old Garin waking he and my mother up at 6 AM Christmas Morning


Self-Proclaimed Best Photo of the Year:




The End of my Hippie Fascination

Ever since I developed an appreciation for classic rock, I have had an embarrassingly powerful fascination with the hippie movement of the ‘70s.  How I longed to enter a time capsule and transport myself back to that era and hang out in Haight-Ashbury with the Grateful Dead.  I’d spend my days in the park smoking pot and doing acid.  We’d talk of things that matter.  My parents find this obsession with the era of their youth confounding.

I think the predominate cause for my infatuation was a desperate longing to see my favorite bands perform in their heyday.  Oh, what I wouldn’t give to see Pink Floyd stage The Wall, or Hendrix light his guitar on fire, or The Beatles perform Sgt. Pepper.  That last one is a joke.  If you don’t get it, you’re not a true Beatles fan.

As the localized version of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Salt Lake, set up camp in one of the downtown parks, I came to the sudden realization that aside from bell bottoms, there is no real difference between these jobless activists and the hippies of the ‘70s.  It was then that I reached the epiphany that I have absolutely no desire to leave my job and go live in the park with a bunch of voluntary homeless hipsters feuding with involuntary homeless bums.

This is by no means meant to be political.  I neither despise, nor fully endorse OWS.  I also recognize that calling them all jobless is a huge generalization.  The point is, they have helped me get over a semi-childish fascination, and I thank them for that.  I will always love the ‘Stones, but I’ll enjoy them while I design a PCB, not while hitting acid. Does that make me part of the 99%?  Absolutely.

Harry and the Potters

A few months ago, while browsing the impressive collection of music CDs at the library, I came across an indie-looking album that struck my eye.  The band’s name: Harry and the Potters.  SOLD.  I excitedly popped the CD in for the drive home.  It was pretty much as expected: lackluster indie rock redeemed by humorous, well-researched lyrics.  I enjoyed the album, but not enough to rip it to my computer, and so, in a matter of 2 weeks, Harry and the Potters came into and out of my life.


Fast forward to about a week ago.  Family friend and AbsolutelyAndrew Endorsed Blogger, Kara announced on Facebook that a band called Harry and the Potters would be playing a free show at the library.  The name sounded familiar, so I looked it up and realized it was in fact the same band I had discovered months earlier.  I needed no convincing.  We were going.

The show was pretty much incredible.  Evidently Harry and the Potters has quite the cult following, comprised mostly of high school students with a few 20 and 30 somethings.  These people were just as entertaining to watch as the band was.  I told Kara that we should rock-paper-scissor for blogging rights to the event, but she said we could both do it and link to each other.  So here I am, competing with a NANOWRIMO winner…




Unfortunately, This is the best picture I have.  From left to right: Harry Potter, Harry Potter, and Sirius Black


Omaha Readers! These guys are playing at the Omaha Library on July 2nd!

Random Thoughts Regarding Music

1.  Will.I.Am of the Black-Eyed Peas is credited for being a creative mastermind that dissects hit songs, analyzes them, and then uses elements from each to create his songs.  This is all well and good, but seriously, how much “mastermind” does it take to know that a song targeted at a young adult audience will automatically be a hit so long as it is about drinking and girls with large behinds with a catchy tune that you can grind to?  Sir Mixalot already showed us that!  Personally, I’m still trying to figure out how the line “Wacha gonna do with all that junk inside that trunk?” can be used as a come on without being accused of calling her fat.

2.  Chad Kroger of Nickelback wrote the song Animals when he was 36.  A song about sneaking around with a teenage girl, this either makes this a song of statutory rape, or quite possibly one of the biggest sellouts in the history of music.  I’m surprised Bob Dylan hasn’t slapped him in the face.

3.  Larry Norman might have been the only Christian artist to produce real, quality music.  As turbulent as the Christian walk can be, you’d think that artists could implant the same edge, soul and angst into Christian music that makes secular music great.  Not the case apparently.  You might be thinking: “What’d you do, Andrew? Listen to 3 Christian artists and then come to that conclusion?”.  Well I did.

4.  2 things I took from Katy Perry’s Firwork music video:
     i.  Fat girls can be sluts too.
     ii.  Katy Perry can shoot fireworks from her cleavage.

5.  Anybody still wondering how Justin Bieber talked Ludacris into recording Baby with him?  Last I checked, Ludacris still had a career.

6.  In 10 years, the Beatles released 12 albums, each progressing into new territory, and then broke up.  Staind is going on 15 years and still singing about pain.  That in itself is inspiration for a Staind song.  Also, I just discovered that Staind recently released an album called The Illusion of Progress.  Is that not the most delicious bit of irony you’ve ever seen?

Proverbs 1

I’ll admit, I’ve never been big on Bible blogging.  I don’t have anything against it, I just don’t care for it.  That being said, I’m going to make an exception.  I started reading Proverbs recently.  I suppose I’m just excited about it because it’s been years since I’ve opened my Bible.  I love Proverbs because you don’t have to read far before you come to something that really strikes you.  For me, this happened just a few verses into the very first chapter.

For waywardness kills the simple,
and the complacency of fools
destroys them;
but those who listen to me will be
and will live at ease, without
dread of disaster.

–Proverbs 1:32-33

The “me” in the passage is actually not intended to be God, but rather, wisdom, whom in this case, appears as a woman.  Interesting.

Lonely Avenue

I’m a loser, I’m a poser
Yeah really, it’s over
I mean it and I quit
Everything I write is shit

Words by Nick Hornby, Sung by Ben Folds in the album Lonely Avenue

Ironically, I’m kind of a poser for posting it, as I do not write for a living.  The album is really something, though.  I highly recommend it.

Blog Dares 2011!!

Evidently National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) has a forum page in which writers dare other writers to include things in their novels.  I thought this would be a good idea for bloggers as well.  Therefore, to kick off 2011, I have drafted up some dares for everybody on my blogroll.

Gavin’s Stuff:  Do a post entitled “Top 10 Books to have on Your Coffee Table When Having a Girl Over”.  Extra points if you get rid of that boring, overly white theme. 

Jake and Amanda’s Pop Culture Blog:  You guys do too much TV.  I’d like to see some music critiques.

Laura K Peters:  Since launch, we’ve enjoyed macros rich with texture, vibrant colors, and contrast, and beautiful portraits in a wide variety of locales.  Lets see some landscapes and maybe some architecture.  You’ve got that tripod now.  Extra points for an HDR of downtown Lincoln.

Marriage & Food:  Actually post something.  Haha, kidding!  Sort of…  Do a top 10 list of Jesse’s best(worst?) puns of all time.

Single Plus Cat:  Have you ever seen a cat flying through the air?  It is easily one of my favorite images.  Just picturing it now makes me smile.  Have someone throw Benny onto the bed while you snap photos, and then post these.  Be sure not to get the thrower in the picture.  Also, don’t plug me on this post.  The last thing I need is PETA after me…

The Reynolds Tribe:  Write a post in 3rd person narrative style.  Extra points for use of words like “Therefore”, “However”, and “Ubiquitous”.


“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.” -Shakespeare’s Macbeth

I really need to read some more Shakespeare.  Thanks for sharing this incredible quote, Garin!

Imagine All the People

I’m sitting at a coffee shop called “The Greenhouse Effect” with Tara.  It’s a Sunday evening, we’re outside, sipping iced teas, and enjoying the beautiful evening.  She’s studying for her board exam, and I’m scratching random, incomplete thoughts into a leather-bound notebook I bought a year or so ago thinking I’d move up from the spiral-bound notebooks (college ruled, preferably) that I had traditionally written poetry in.  Consequently, my poetic muse left me about the same time of the purchase  and I haven’t managed to write a poem that’s worth a shit since. 

This could be worth a lot of money some day... Actual exert from the original draft


I guess all I’m really trying to say here is that I feel guilty having this nice notebook, and never writing in it.  Therefore, the rough draft of this post was scribbled into its mostly empty pages.  I did enjoy this, despite the fact that, when I got done, there was no “Publish” button, and now I’m stuck typing the damn thing.

Now I transition somewhat awkwardly to my actual topic: Artistic people.  There’s some sort of open mic night at the coffee shop tonight, and the place is crawling with flannel shirts, beanies(even though it’s friggin’ summer), Vans slip-ons, hookahs with LEDs in them, acoustic guitars, and anything else that hipsters wear/carry in 2010.

The guys with the Hookah and the guitars are particularly boisterous, and keep shouting weird mash-ups of pop culture references and stuff of their own invention.  I know I probably sound like I’m 70 describing them like this, but I’m really not annoyed with them—I’m actually quite amused (Tara, on the other hand, is concerned that she’ll have to shower again thanks to all the smoke).  For whatever reason, artsy people have always fascinated me.  I think it’s a combination of envy of their free spirits and lack of fear to take risks in their respective mediums (these guys keep breaking out into song) that probably stems from my own creative urges, and disbelief that a person could arrive at a state of arrested development (suck it, Michael Cera) at age 23 and perpetually remain in those golden years between childhood and adulthood, yet at the same time, somehow manage to make a living.

Being an engineer, I’m probably closer to Autistic than Artistic.  I love going to the same job everyday for 8 hours, 40 hours a week (42.5 to be exact).  I love getting a paycheck twice a month that is always the same amount.  I love health insurance and paid vacation.  I love having a scoop for the coffee so I know I’m getting exactly the right amount of beans every morning.  But I still can’t help but admire the free spirit lifestyle.  I want to take a 4 month road trip at the drop of a hat.  I want to bum out at the coffee shop on a weekday morning.  I want to wear beanies in the summer (actually, no I don’t, not in the slightest.  I can barely stand leaving mine on when I step out of the cold into the grocery store in the winter).  And this is the conflict: How does one be successful and have security, but be free at the same time?  Retirement?  Who knows?  What a paradox!

In the mean time, I think I’ll choose steady income and rewarding job, and settle for weekend adventures.  I do love not working on the weekend.  After all, marriage is an adventure—an incredible adventure!  Then there will be kids—it’ll be a blast!   

There seems to be a lack of snow here. This is me trying to look artistic