Monthly Archives: September 2006

So I’ve got a Chinese student that I meet with once a week to hang out so he can practice his english and we can learn about each other’s cultures.  It’s a really good time.  Today we went to Chipotle because he had never had a burrito before.  He said he liked it, and would not give up until he had eaten the whole thing, which he eventually succeeded at.  He also asked me if I was a Christian today.  I’d say the following conversation went fairly well.  I told him I was and then asked if he was.  He told me he wasn’t yet, and also said that he doesn’t really have a belief.  So we talked about different religions for a while and I told him that if he ever had any questions he could feel free to ask me.  He sounds pretty interested though.


The Ignored Pages


She gave me her book to read

The one I had longed for so long.

But as she left me with it

And I stared down at the page,

I found I could not turn from the exposed page

For fear of what I’d find.

I had fallen for the pages she chose to show me

Stubbornly ignoring the rest.

Now she feels naked—

I just feel like a fool.



Fall is in the air–it’s weird how you can just feel it.  Fall is usually my pairing up season.  Looks like it may not be this year.  I really don’t mind–the lovey-dovey feelings of last week have since passed, and now I’m comfortably numb.  Whatever happens happens–I’m in no hurry.  I really need to get my friends to set me up with somebody since they seem to know so much better than I do.  Theres an interesting idea–it’d be like “Married by America” minus the marriage and the whole country.  People, hook me up with somebody!

SO MUCH MORE F-ING HOMEWORK THIS SEMESTER!!! Okay, I let it out.  Aside from the homework, life is pretty good.  I had a pretty good weekend.  Friday was definitely the most unorthodox.  So theres a freshman girl at UNL that was in band with me in high school and knows me through my gf at the time.  We never talked in high school, but she randomly added me to facebook when she came here.  We started chatting on there and also between classes occasionally because we’re in the same building.  Anyway, last week she mentioned wanting to go back to papio for the football game between the two papio teams.  I told her that I also wanted to go back.  Next thing I know, she’s asking me if I want to go back with her–which is fine, but also tells me that her mom will make us dinner and everything.  How weird is that?  A girl I’ve never even hung out with invites me to dinner with her family.  I, of course, being the outgoing guy that I am, accepted the offer.  It turned out to be okay–didn’t actually eat with her parents, her mom just made the food and then had to leave, but I did meet them after the game.  Who knows if they thought I was a prospective bf or just a friend.  I am now going to stress that this girl is certainly NOT a prospect of mine.  I know I say that every damn time, but I’m serious this time.  She’s never had a bf before–that’s enough right there.