Monthly Archives: November 2006

Well, the formal I’ve been planning for Beta Sig fell through, and now we have no formal to go to.  Great.  I’m sure everyone will be real happy with me.  Oh well, what can you do?  Thanksgiving was good, Christmas should be better.  I guess that’s all I’ve got.



You flaunt your victory

And try to rub in what I’ve lost.

Yet I am low enough listen

And hold my face aloft

For you to kick off of

To take flight.

And I will continue to stand here,

So that when you fall back down

I can help you to your feet

Only for you to try again.




She fucks light

And darkness bulges

Over the shadows of evil men.

“Give up!”–She cries

But they hold their ground,

Claiming they’re already dead.

So she sucks the life from them

And goes on her way

Fucking and sucking

Danglers and knots stuck in the fray.