Well, I am now in Tuscon at my aunts house.  (That’s pronounced like “Ant”)  The highlight of the trip thus far was definitely snowboarding in California.  I can now say that I’ve actually snowboarded on a real mountain.  I even went on a couple black diamonds.  I’ve decided that since I will be unable to kiss anyone on new years, everyone must give me vitual kisses on here.  I’m expecting vivid descriptions.  Lol, I’m just kidding.  No one would take me up on that anyway.

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  1. yes, I believe it is prounounced “ANT” unless she is really special, then it’s “ANTIE” and I’m not a native Nebraskan, or a hick. (what is the step up from “trailer trash”?)

    Happy New Year!

    I’d send you a virtual kiss but that would just be kinda gross & disturbing…

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