Monthly Archives: January 2007


A few random photos from the holidays

lateFall2006 046

Thre good lookin’ young men

christmas2006b 044

Snowboarding in California

christmas2006b 063

Joshua Tree Nat’l Park–Yep, I cleared it

christmas2006b 122

Trying our hands a civil engineering–imagine how much that beach front housing would be worth


The interns of KZCO: Me, Alexis, Conner, Nick (recently left us for AGCO)

Well, I have moved back into my apartment–it’s exciting.  Last night was my office christmas party.  I got to escort Alexis, one of the other interns, as her bf was out of town.  It ended up being a pretty good time.  Really weird seeing people from work not at work.  My third roomate is all moved in finally so now all the bedrooms of the apartment are completely occupied.  It’s going to be a happening place with four of us in here now.  Hope everyone is making the most of 2007!