The past weekend was pretty decent.  Had a lovely date with the lady on Friday at
Hu Hot and then Barns & Noble.  We
also rented For Your Consideration, which had its moments, but kind of fell
short as far as Christopher Guess movies go in my opinion.  Saturday, a bunch of us went to a wedding in Omaha.  The wedding in itself was rather interesting,
partially do to the fact that it was a Catholic wedding and also because the
pastor was Asian and did not speak good English.  Anyway, the reception is what is really worth
talking about.  Harrah’s Casino, food
actually served to you, and free beer and cocktails for most of the night.  What more could anyone ask for in a wedding
reception.  The best part was that when
the free alcohol did run out about halfway through the night, somebody went and
told the bride’s mother, and she bought us another keg.  Incredible. 

As awesome as the reception was, I must say the casino was a
bit of a disappointment.  I did not
realize that it was a large boat floating in a moat in order to get around
certain laws pertaining to casinos on land. 
I felt a little bit to buzzed up to go throwing my money around, so I
did not gamble.

We then stayed the night in Omaha at the Hilton Garden Inn which had free
shuttle service to and from the casino. 
Unfortunately, we did not make it back in time to hit up the bars in the
Old Market.  The hotel was pretty nice

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  1. Wow, first of all it’s Christopher Guest.  Second of all, I haven’t seen that yet, but I’m going to.  Thirdly, I’m sorry I missed your call.  I’ll call you back sometime when I feel like it. Finally, I’ll send your checks; I just found them.

  2. it couldn’t have been better than my reception. and that’s all i have to say. oh yeah, and don’t even ask my mom what the bar tab was…… :S ouch.

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