Monthly Archives: November 2007

You know you’re an engineering student if you come back from a break feeling like you need a break.  I guess that’s true of more than just engineers, but it’s certainly true for me.  Oh well, these three weeks will be over before I know it.  I just wish they were over now.  Thanksgiving break was fairly decent.  I spent the latter part of it up in Yankton with Tara’s family.  We even went out to the bar with her parents.  It was a good time, and I didn’t have to buy a single drink.  She and I also went wine tasting in Vermillion.  The wines weren’t nearly as good as the ones at James Arthur though.

I know everyone on here likes to talk about their current surroundings in their post, but seriously, beat this one:

I’m sitting at home in my robe listening to The White Album on vinyl and watching the snow fall.  Also, I’m getting ready to program a microcontroller.  Okay, so the last part would only apply to the more hard core nerds, but still.

Earlier, I got up and went running in the snow.  It was an interesting experience.  Half the time, I was freezing because I was running into the wind, one quarter of the time I was too hot because I was running hard with the wind, and one quarter of the time I was just fine.  In any case, I fee like I’m truly devoted.

Tara and I are learning a dance called the Lindy Hop.  It’s a 4 session class that is offered through the Rec.  It’s a pretty sweet dance, but very exhausting…time out, I have to go switch to the 2nd record–I can see where those stackable LP’s came in handy…anyway, search for it on youtube.  Heres a good link (we’re no where near this, obviously).

Well, happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


It seems that discrepancy
of what occurred between dirt and man
seeks to destroy me.
And the stuttered words murmured by a five year old
are the only ones that make sense.
But somehow,
that’s no longer enough.

In an interesting turn of events, I’m actually posting for the second time in a week.  Today was pretty decent.  Actually the whole weekend was nice, but I speak of today because of the extra hour.  I wish we could have an extra hour everyday–I’ve never felt so on top of things.  Then again, if every day had 25 hours, then we’d all just be used to that. 

Friday was a lot of fun.  The Dame and I ventured up to fremont to watch A midsummer night’s dream.  I thought it was very good.  Afterwards, we hung out with the Twins and Ben for a bit and eventually ended up at Rachel’s.  Rachel was kind enough to let us use her bed and she slept on the couch.  Despite this act of kindness, Tara left her bra there, flung between the wall and the bed.  That was an awkward phone call:

“Hey Rachel, we’re on our way back to Lincoln, but Tara says she left her bra there.  She thinks it ended up between the bed and the wall.  What color is it, Tara?…She says it’s black.  This is really awkward…Er…thanks for letting us use your bed…”

Saturday was awesome too.  I did not do any schoolwork, which was a sharp contrast from last weekend.  Saw Superbad for the second time, only this time, in the Beer Theater.  Met up with high school friends at the bars.

And now we’re at Sunday night, and I’ve got a long week ahead of me.