I know everyone on here likes to talk about their current surroundings in their post, but seriously, beat this one:

I’m sitting at home in my robe listening to The White Album on vinyl and watching the snow fall.  Also, I’m getting ready to program a microcontroller.  Okay, so the last part would only apply to the more hard core nerds, but still.

Earlier, I got up and went running in the snow.  It was an interesting experience.  Half the time, I was freezing because I was running into the wind, one quarter of the time I was too hot because I was running hard with the wind, and one quarter of the time I was just fine.  In any case, I fee like I’m truly devoted.

Tara and I are learning a dance called the Lindy Hop.  It’s a 4 session class that is offered through the Rec.  It’s a pretty sweet dance, but very exhausting…time out, I have to go switch to the 2nd record–I can see where those stackable LP’s came in handy…anyway, search for it on youtube.  Heres a good link (we’re no where near this, obviously).

Well, happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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