Monthly Archives: December 2007

Does anyone else feel like Christmas didn’t actually happen.  Maybe it’s because I avoided most of the Christmas music, or because my family didn’t go anywhere, but it never actually felt like Christmas.  Everything was good–gifts were exchanged, a meal was consumed, but it didn’t really feel all that Christmassy.  Oh well, it was still good, and I got an espresso maker.  Rock on.  Do you realize how many people say “Expresso”?  Here’s the conversation I had with my grandmother on the phone:

Me: “My mom gave me an espresso maker”
Grandma: “A what?”
Me: “An Espresso maker”
Grandma: “Oh!, an Ex-presso maker!”

no, grandma…oh well.

In other excitement, I got on to my old computer (the one I was using sophomore year, my family’s old desktop) and retrieved all my old photos, videos and files off of there.  Always fun to reminisce.  If I wasn’t at work, I’d post some of the pictures here.  Maybe later when I’m home.

Damn you, Midlanders.  Already done for the year.  That’s okay, I guess.  I can laugh at you when I’m still on break in January.  Doesn’t help me now though.  I saw August Rush on friday.  It was incredibly corny, but actually quite good.  The movie I’m really looking forward to, though, is Juno.  With Micheal Cera and Jason Bateman, you know it has to be good.  Saturday was the start of finals studying and the ugly sweater party complete with cookie decorating and gift exchange.  I ended up with Bridget Jones: The edge of reason or whatever it’s called.  Oh well, they’re not supposed to be “good” gifts anyway.  So that brings us to Sunday with an unpleasant week of four finals separating me from christmas break.  Yippee.

weekend, overall.  On Friday, we had a
Beta Sig Christmas party.  There was
little emphasis on the Christmas factor, though, as the party consisted of
hanging out listening to the end of the Husker volleyball game on the radio and
then watching Superbad, which I have now seen 3 times.  The DVD version is pretty decent though, as
there are some scenes included that weren’t shown in the theater.  These are all quality.  Saturday was one of the first Saturdays in a
long time that I did not have to spend doing homework.  Instead, Tara and I froze our asses off at the
Star City Parade.  We then went a warmed
up in Dietz music and looked at pianos and guitars.  We decided that if we get married, rather
than having everyone buy us random crap for wedding presents, everyone can chip
in for a baby grand.  We then went and
ran in the rec.  I hate running indoors,
but when it gets to be this cold, it ceases to be worth it to run outside. 


evening was Jimmy’s going a way party as he graduates at semester.  The theme was dress as what you want to be
when you grow up.  I went as a 35 year
old retired millionaire and full time electronics hobbyist.  I was dressed in my bathrobe and slippers with
a voltmeter in my pocket and a coffee mug to drink my beer out of.  Tara went as
a stripper.  We pretty much spent the
entire night rocking out to quality music such as Cream, The Doors, Van
Morrison, etc.  “Fabulous”, as Rachel
would say.

I just saw A Hard Day’s Night by the Beatles this past Friday.  It’s a quality film.  British humor at its finest, or at it’s extreme, at least.  It’s interesting to think that it’s quite probably that no band will ever again achieve what the Beatles did…ever.  They are absolutely one of a kind.  It’s kind of depressing that music is not what it was back then.  I’ve got nothing to brag about music wise from our generation.  I wonder if it’s just human nature to look longingly at the past and to feel that it was so much better back then.  I wouldn’t have minded living the the 60s, being part of the hippie movement and riding around in the bus with the Merry Pranksters.  Then again, the hippies weren’t really any better than the emos of today.  I wonder if my kids are going to be wishing that they could have been an emo.  God, I hope not…