Hmm, lets see.  The past weekend was pretty good.  AD marathon on Friday and then on Saturday, Tara and I went ice skating on the pond near our apartments.  It was pretty fun.  That evening was trekking up to Fremont and watching the strangest thriller movie ever called Invasion.  It was interesting…  I’ve got lots of good ideas for the Fraternity as president, so hopefully we can do a lot of those.  I was in Dietze music on monday morning trying out one of the Takamine acoustics, and this old guy come in, picks up a guitar and sits down next to me.  “Start on G” he tells me, and then the next thing I know, I’m playing rhythm for him while sings some blues song.  After we finished that one, he’s like “Okay, play a C7–I’ve gotta get this out of my system”, and we play the lime-in-the-coconut song.  It was awesome.  I really wish I had someone to play with regularly.

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