It’s been over 2 months since my last post.  Evidently the last time I posted, they hadn’t implemented the new user front page yet, so it took me a while to figure out how to get to the weblog entry.  School is busy as hell as always, but oh well.  Only 3 more weeks of classes.  Finals are going to be a breeze.  I only have two.  It’s still weird to think that many people are graduating this semester.  Tara interviewed for grad school in Houston and Salt lake city last week.  Despite the mormons, we’re both rooting for Salt Lake city as it is right at the base of the mountains there.  I’d be completely content if she doesn’t make it in too as my boss at KZCO has offered to double my current pay now if I agree to work for him when I graduate.  He basically has me heading up the electrical portion of an automatic pet door he wants to create.  That would probably be the most hansome raise I could ever expect to receive. 

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  1. “Handsome”

    Here’s your comment: I can’t believe you are going to live with the Mormons. Have you seen the South Park with the Mormons? It’s a good primer on their beliefs.

  2. I agree with Amanda. And I will miss you too much if you move away. okey dokey… enough sentimental crap.Heard about the Delta/AlphaAlpha thing… its the weekend of the 125th… I was Gonna go with Dusty but… I can’t cuz I have a banquet. Change the date?


  3. wow-that’s great! Salt Lake City isn’t that bad, it’s an interesting place and I don’t think living around Mormons would be impossible, they do have some good family value ideas (although SP really has a handle on them, and the Scientologists) But then again getting to work on a new invention sounds pretty exciting…guess you guys will have to do a lot of talking over the next month or so
    Good luck on whatever you decide!

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