Monthly Archives: November 2008

Thanksgiving break turned out to be pretty decent.  I worked most of the day Wednesday, but that was fine.  Then Tara flew in that night, which of course was the highlight of the day.  We went from the airport to a bar in Benson to meet up with Elizabeth who happened to be visiting from Tennessee.  The ended up being particularly interesting as the power was out in Benson, so the bar was completely dark except for a few emergency lights and candles.  A guy stood in the middle of the bar and played an acoustic set while everyone remained quiet so we could all hear him.  It was really cool.  Tara and I then went back to my parents’ house and we went in the new hot tub*.

Thanksgiving was spent with my family and then that evening Tara and I went to Lincoln as we would be going to the game the next day*.  We went and saw Zach and Miri make a Porno which was actually quite good.  You never expect a Kevin Smith movie to have any real sustenance, but this one really does.

After the game, it was up to Yankton to spend time with Tara’s family.  Nothing too exciting here, although it was an enjoyable trip.  We came back to Omaha today to have dinner with my family and then I took Tara to the airport, and now she’s in Denver waiting for her next flight to Salt Lake.  Sad, but not too sad as she’ll be coming back in only three weeks for Christmas*.

Other excitement:  Someone gave me the idea of having an engagment ring for me to wear as well.  I immediatly thought this to be a good idea as I’ve always wondered why the girl gets a ring but the guy doesn’t.  Tara liked the idea too, so she got me my very own engagement ring to wear.  It’s been funny as most people have never heard of such an idea, so Tara and I have been joking that we took a trip to Vegas over Thanksgiving break.

Also, this video rocks my face off

*Parts of story removed.

There is a week and 2 days until Thanksgiving break.  It seems so short, yet also seems like forever.  Why does it seem like forever?  Because Tara is coming back to visit.  Oh yeah.  The only downside of that is that she’ll probably make me shave the “beard” I’ve been working on.  That’s right, its No-Shave-November.  Me and the other guys from the fraternity haven’t shaved since Nov 2nd.  We have vowed not to shave again until Dec.  I don’t know though, I may have to face the crap from the guys and shave it off before she gets here next Wed.  I have to admit, kissing Tara is slightly more appealing that milking an attempted “beard” for another week…

This past weekend, 9 of us from the fraternity rented a 12 passenger van and trekked down to Manhattan, KS for the Nebraska–K-State game.  We were able to stay at the house down there and party with those guys.  It was pretty fun.  Rental Vans are totally worth it.

I wish I could write posts more like Amanda.  She always comes up with something quirky (took me 5 tries to get that spelled correctly) to write about.  As for me, I have a hard time deciding what to write about.  Bitching about school every damn post can get old.  Also, it seems like I’m excited to write a new post until I’m a few sentences in and have lost all interest in writing it.  Thus true to my usual content…

Weekend Recapitulation  (everyone does this, so I don’t feel too bad.  Note also, I typed out “recapitulation” instead of just “recap”)

Good friend and former roommate Nick came from Purdue with his Asian GF to visit for the weekend.  It was nice to see him again.  Being from an incredibly conservative and racist family, he feels funny dating an Asian girl.  I find this both humorous and appalling as I could never imagine someone today actually saying “White people should date other white people” (his brother).

I saw Role Models on Friday.  (Also a common blog topic, the movie critique)  Despite its shaky first 5 min, it turned out to be quite good.  Highly recommended. 

Saturday was the game which I did not go to.  I enjoyed relaxation and a nice phone conversation with the Lady in the comfort of a warm apartment instead.  That night we had people over.  The most noteworthy event of the night was a conversation we had with a girl that lives below us:

Girl:  “You guys are being a little bit too loud”
Us: “Thanks for telling us–we’ll quiet down”
Girl: “I don’t know if you guys are drunk or not.  I saw some drunk guys earlier that were very creepy.  They kept talking about wrestling.”
Me: “You aren’t talking about Nick are you?”
<General Laughter>
Girl: “I’m actually too young”
Us: “Okay”
Girl: “Yeah, I turn 18 in 2 days though”