Monthly Archives: January 2009

My car is once again refusing to start in the cold.  It did this once before Christmas as well and I ascertained that it required a new battery and therefore replaced it.  This seemed to fix the problem and for a month the car worked fine.  Then I went out to start my car to go to work on Monday, which was a particularly cold morning only to find that my car would not start again.  Being the nerd that I am, I pulled out the trusty Fluke and measured the battery terminal voltage.  Battery appears to be fine.  I ended up calling Nate, and after unsuccessfully trying to jump it, rode with him to work and have been doing so since.

The country music station had a astrologer call in to the talk show this morning.  I didn’t even know astrologers still exist.  I guess I’m not surprised.  He told some girl that she is a “Benevolent Manipulator”.  She tried to contest, but the DJs insisted it must be true since the astrologer said it.  Eschatologically speaking (beat that word, Amanda), what an idiot this guy is. 

Well I’m officially back in the real world.  The past week or so has been outstanding.  Tara and I rode with Isaac and his family out to Salt lake for skiing/snowboarding.  I’ve never rode on that much powder in my life.  It was nuts and friggin hard and also amazing.  Later on in the week, Tara and I rented snowshoes and went snowshoing.  Also a good time.  Difficult to dress accordingly though.  We were comfortable when we started, but after about a mile, we were sweating our asses off and peeling off layers.  Then of course there was Vegas this past weekend.  I do have to admit, although I’ve been skeptical of Vegas in the past, It was a pretty damn good time.  Cruising the strip in a party bus equipped with strip poles was easily the highlight. Not sure who wins the best pole dancer award, but Gavin and Isaac are definitely in the running.


“So that’s how you want to do this? Whip ’em out, messure ’em?” –Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

The holidays were pretty good for me.  The past week no work has been nice as well.  I can’t say relaxing though–Tara and I have been busy with wedding stuff.  Tomorrow we will probably go register at Target.  Then this thursday we will leave for Salt Lake with Isaac’s family for skiing/snowboarding.  I’m excited for that.  I just sharpened and waxed my snowboard today.  So I thought Rachel’s idea of posting a post from 3 years prior was pretty cool, so I decided to do the same thing.  However, I had to poke around for the best one.  It actually disgusts me slightly that I would have posted something like this.  Pay particular attention to the comments.  Rachel’s is the most interesting.