I’ve been thinking about the various posting styles of the xangas I typically read.  I’d say mine definitely fall more on the narative, this-is-what-I-did-yesterday, sort of style.  I have also analyzed a few others:

Amanda:  Typically a complaint is raised followed by a rant about such.   A solution is then usually presented and is usually in the form of pop culture or reading.  A LaVar Burton-esque critique of suggested material then ensues.  Expect at least one exhibition of a new word that she picked up in each post.

Rachel:  Almost always a vague expression of hardship usually involving relationships, but could also address job stress and life stress in general.  Often written in bubbly, Rachel style pros, regardless of the weightiness of the content.

Jake:  A combination of Amanda and Rachel sans the vagueness.  Expect an “I need sex!” rant about once a week.

Laura:  Her posts have become few and far between.  They are often quite narrative and recap the noteworthy events in married/work life since her last post.  Look for subliminal “We had sex” messages throughout.

Lynne:  Mostly just a reader, but occasionally posts a fairly lengthy narrative.  It seems she’s abandoned xanga for facebook.

Annie: The occasional post expressing hardship.  Expect mention of excessive studying in each post.

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  1. lol-no, face book changed just as I was learning to find my way around-and since I am elderly and frightened of new things I havn’t even LOOKED at it in days! Besides, most of my FB friends are rabbit breeders who really shouldn’t be on it either. It creeps me out a little anyway-I’ve already had a couple of friends say that exes have “found” them on facebook-the kind that you DON’T want to find you. Now it’s true that my past is not nearly as colorful as my friend Becky (the former stripper-oops “dancer”) but there are people that I would just as soon not hear from EVER. Kinda funny though that people don’t want “big brother” to keep tabs on them, but yet they broadcast their lives to everyone on the internet
    hmmmm…that was almost an Amanda like rant
    well, I’d better go post something on Xanga now

  2. Yep… that is fairly accurate. Except the majority of my posts are not about relationships. ok they are but not necessarily about guys… ok they might be. but sometimes they aren’t 🙂

  3. Thanks for the comments on my poetry. I did actually have a poem published once way back in college, believe it or not.
    And I really did have both those thoughts yesterday morning…my mind works in strange ways

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