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These are the featured weblogs that greet me when get on Xanga, thus making me wonder: is Xanga a predominately women’s sight?  Should I be concerned about the implications using Xanga may have on my masculinity.  I imediatly looked through my subscription list knowing that there must be other guys that I know that use this site still.  Jake: the only one.  Shit!

I rapidly came down with a nasty sickness Tuesday night.  Fever arose accompanied by general shittiness.  Let me tell you, now is not the time to be coming down with a flu-like sickness.  For a bit I was no better than the worst panickers of the pig flu.  Fortunately, I was mostly recovered by Wednesday evening and am back at work today, a little slower than usual, but mostly recovered.

I’ve adopted the practice lately of discovering new music by going to the music store and picking out an album based only on the band’s name, album art, and song names.  Being in what I like to call a music doldrums, and desperate for something new musically lately, my brother and I attempted this the other day.  One of the albums we ended up with is  Aliens and Rainbows by Ferras.  Shortly after purchase, we realized the genre is pop, and, since I still immediately think of N’Sync when I hear “pop” the flags went up.  Wrongfully so, though.  You seldom hear an artist that exhibits as much variation in his/her entire career that Ferras does in one album.  The music is heavily piano driven with ridiculous vocals.  It does still have that “pop” feel, but it is damn good.

In other news, Jack’s Mannequin is playing in Omaha this Saturday, but the show is already sold out.  In the words of Jake: FUCK!!