Monthly Archives: May 2009

I have completed my goal of running a half marathon.  Tara and I ran together and finished at the exact same time: 1 hr 53 min.  That’s 8:41 a mile.  I remember when I couldn’t even run one mile that fast.   I know I’m bragging, but that was a lot of hard work, so I have the right to brag a little don’t I?  In any case, I’m seriously cutting back on running for a while.  Probably start mountain biking more regularly–fuck testicular cancer.

Tara and I watched Milk this past weekend.  That’s the one where Sean Penn plays Harvey Milk, the first open homosexual to be elected into public office.  I don’t know why I’m explaining this–Jake’s probably seen it at least twice and Amanda has at least read all the reviews in her EW rss feed.  Oh yeah: Rachel.  Anyway, great movie.  I cried a little–I’ll admit it.  It’s funny though: as accepting as I have become of the gays in the past 5 years or whatever, I still find seeing two men kiss one of the most awkward things ever.

Here’s an interesting thought:  Since the founding fathers of our country were agnostic, what did they mean by “In God We Trust”?