Monthly Archives: July 2009

T – 10 Days.  What can I say?  What is there to say?  I have no life beyond wedding preparations.  Thus, I’m taking Jake’s advice and churning this out while on the clock.  I’ve got 9 days left of work–I think I’m allowed.  2 paychecks left, then who knows.  Funny thing is, I’m not even worried about that.  It’s nice, but probably a bit naive.  I keep thinking about Skyler, who pseudo randomly moved to New Orleans with no more of a plan than to live at Camp Restore.  That’s fairly different situation, though.

Last night I used my uncle’s recording equipment to record the song I wrote for the proposal to be played with a slide show at the reception.  I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out, we’ll see.  I suppose I’ll get at least some points for the “cuteness” factor by default. 

Tara and I completed pre-marriage counseling last night.  It’s kind of sad–we both really enjoyed meeting with Pastor Eric.  He said some wonderful things and left both of us feeling quite excited about things.  I can’t believe it will all be done with before long.  Then it will just be finding a job.  Joyous job search!  But hey, once it’s all accomplished, I might actually have free time in the evenings!  What a novel idea!  For the past several years, I’ve been developing a wish list of things to do once I “have time”.  First it was: once I graduate and have my evenings and weekends free.  But then there was the FE to study for, so it was: after the FE is done.  Of course, after that it was: once the wedding is done, we’re all moved, and I have a job.  Here’s a few items on the list:

Learn Piano
Get into photography
Hobby Electronics/General Nerdery
Get back into poetry
Camping/Backpacking with my wife (holy shit that’s fun to say!)

Of course there’s many others that skirt in and out of conciousness that may or may not manifest themselves as actual goals.  It’ll be interesting to see what new priorities come up thus barring the list items, and it better not be a baby…