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The Top Quotes of Xanga, circa 2006

My intake of the written word lately can be summarized as follows:  audio books for the commute—  currently How I Paid for College by Mark Acito, the newspaper, MissAmerica1Rolling Stone, and photography books.  I must admit that I’m consuming literature, pop culture, and current events at a personal record rate.  However, none of this content serves as substantial inspiration for this blog.  I already know that I suck at book reviews, Amanda and Jake already have the pop culture stuff covered, although they seldom do a music post, and I refuse to do a political post of any sort.  That’s not to say I haven’t tried—I have several drafts—but there’s enough political bitching going on already—nobody needs to hear my two cents, even if it is more informed than ever before.  Maybe with enough prodding, I’ll publish my draft about the Tim Tevo Superbowl ad…

Anyway, failing to think of something to write about, I took a journey via Xanga back to 2006.  What a year that was.  I must say that it was one of my favorite years of college, but in reading my old posts, are at least several times when I wish I could slap my younger self.  Not that this came as any surprise—I’ve been long aware of my various jerkish actions during that year of carefree, arrested development (speaking of which, any news on that movie?).

This has become a very wordy introduction to the actual content of this post: quotes.  2006 was back in a time when Xanga was embraced and everyone was commenting on everyone’s posts.  Please don’t read this as a desperate cry for more reader participation on my site—I mean this only as a tribute to the days of old–when we all had crushes on each other, and Xanga flirting was king.  Therefore, I have compiled a list of the best quotes ever made in the form of comments on my blog.


Laura, on my dorm room

“yeah the incredibles poster goes well with kramer…jk i like both.  but seriously, together?  one is art and the other…okay yeah they’re both art ;)”

Kassi, on my bizarre rant about couples bragging about sexual maneuvers

“You WOULD want to know. It’s too bad you can’t just be good on your own, like my boyfriend.
JUST KIDDING. that was mean”

Laura, overcome with lust after seeing pictures of me modeling a women’s vest (or maybe not):

“i’m gonna pretend i didn’t see those”

Amanda, after I jerkishly boasted about being single again and made flirtatious remarks about Rachel (I guess I mentioned a new job in there too):

“Yeah, congratulations on all of the above (except the Rachel stuff)”

Jake after I devoted yet anther post to sexual/moral frustration:

“crazy suggestions:
1. sleep with some random girl/guy
2. masterbate and let us all be
Those are just two of my suggestions. I might come up with more later. Until then you should forget moral quandry and start drinking more.

Rachel, when she sabotaged my blog:

andrew andrew andrew andrew andrew andrew andrew andrew andrew.

i rule.

I date my bicycle.

But my bike is pissed at me … She has a flat tire and I have not changed her.

These are random thoughts by me.


Penny—I’m sure I didn’t get it at the time, but I sure do now:

“I love being taken, I love being Loved…I cant wait to graduate college, get married, move back to Africa, have some kids that run around barefoot,sleep outside under an African moon-  All the time thanking God for every gift he’s given me, single and in love.
you know’”

Amanda, although I’m not sure what the context was:

“By the way, I’m not sorry for being a jerk to you

Rachel, on our good ‘ol golf dates:

“Who needs love when you have Golf!”

Heather, with surprisingly profound advice (not that she’s unable to be profound, just because I didn’t see it coming here)

“I just think some times u need to bend a little from what u want because u never really know if thats want u might actually want and other wise u wont ever find a girl ur happy with. and quite frankly i dont think u will be happy till u get……..   you fill in the blank and please dont be mad at me about this comment its just what i was thinking at the time i just wish you could be happy. call me sometime please. ttyl Have a good week

Lynne, she’s so awesome:

“I’d send you a virtual kiss but that would just be kinda gross & disturbing…”

Laura, because this pretty much sums up 2006:

“oh andrew”

Cheap Fun Things (For Winter)


After being married for 6 months, Tara and I finally sat down and took a serious look at our finances.  I’m slightly ashamed that it took us 6 months to get around to this, but then again, 6 months late is better than never.  To our alarm, despite honest efforts to be frugal, we discovered that we’ve been spending too much money.  This had gone unnoticed thanks to a substantial amount of borrowed money (student loans) that pads our account.  What can I say?  The money just goes faster when there’s two people spending it.  In an effort to better emulate responsible adults, I fired up long-forgotten MS Quicken and we developed a budget.  Now we know how much fun money we have in a month.  It’s a decent amount, but it’s certainly not enough to go skiing/boarding every weekend.  Anyway, mostly for ourselves, I’ve compiled a list of free or nearly free wintertime activities.  Suggestions are welcome.

Snowshoeing – 4hrs — $0-7 (rental)
Cross Country Skiing – 4hrs — $20 (rental)
Snow Hiking – 4hrs — Free
Blogging – Too much time to admit — Pretty much free
Working Out – 1hr — Free
Watch a Movie – 2hrs–
Free On-Demand (Cheesy 80’s Film) – Free
Red Box — $1
Blockbuster — $4
Theater Matinee — $12
Sex – 30min – Free
Cuddling – 30min – Free
Reading – 1hr
Library books – Free
Newspaper — $5 subscription (after I kept trying to tell the salesman no)
Rolling Stone — $1 subscription (Amazon special)
Blogs – Free
Photography – Free (once you have a camera)
Perusing Barnes & Noble – 1hr – Usually Free
Video Games – 1hr
Sim City 3000 (me) – Free
Tony Hawk’s Underground (me) – Free
Diner Dash (her) – Free
Music — 30min
Piano (her) – Free
Guitar (me) – Free
Visiting the famous Salt Lake City Library – 1hr – Free
Board Games – 1hr – Free
Phase 10/Skipbo (Nice because you don’t have to think)
5 Stone
Watch the athletes practice arial ski jumping at Olympic Park – 2hr – Cost of gas to get to Park City
Peruse the photo galleries/specialty shops in Park City – 2hr – gas
Sledding – 1hr – Free
Pretend Furniture Shopping – 1hr – Free
Go to the Coffee Shop that has a greenhouse – 1hr — $6