Like any man, I love boobs.  Thus when Tara and I were in the audiovisual section at the library the other night, and she came bouncing up to me excitedly holding up Breasts: A Documentary, I downshifted from little boy to sophisticated scholar as fast as I could, and in the most mature voice I could muster, said: “Oh, that looks interesting”.  Thanks to those quick actions and baggy pants, we checked out the film and watched it together.  It was 50 minutes of heaven.  More specifically, it was 50 minutes of topless women talking about their breasts.

I’m admittedly embellishing the story slightly.  No we didn’t check out an episode of “Girls with Low Self Esteem”—this was a tastefully done informative film about “all things mammarian” (EW’s words, not mine, although I wish I could take credit).  It was indeed very interesting.  Flat chested women discuss feeling slightly left out.  Saggy women adopt senses of humor and demonstrate the “Pencil Test”.  Fake-breasted women talk about implants.  And then there’s the breast cancer survivors, one of which who bravely shows the camera the flat spot where her left breast once was.  It was eye-opening.

And so little boy, “sophisticated scholar”, and Tara were all pleased with the film.  It is funny and thought provoking.  I could keep paraphrasing the reviews on the back of the DVD, but  you should just check it out.

2 thoughts on “BOOBS

  1. I was waiting for the day when you would title your blog with “boobs.” I guess I wasn’t expecting all-caps though.

    on a different note: hahhaha did I detect a little jealousy of Heather?? Because this is my nature, I will explain–I said “few” and you are one of the few. Great. Now I feel compelled to shout-out to you too. As a reminder, though, she updates nearly every day. So I really do follow her more 😉

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