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On March 31st of this year, Amanda Shultz announced the creation of yet another blog.  Based on my estimates, this brought the total number of Schultz blogs up to 6.  Two of Schultz’s closest friends and her mother each confirmed this for me, but also informed me that there is rumor of an up-and-coming 7th blog that is supposed to be book club themed.  I have listed below each blog in order of their creation.

ilovescrubs – Xanga – 3/8/2005
The first blog, started in the height of the Xanga  craze at Midland Lutheran College, freshman year.  Schultz held out for most of the year before starting ilovescrubs because she did not want to copy everyone else.  ilovescrubs serves as the posting place for generic thoughts and emotions that don’t fit in any of the other blogs.  It continues to be the most frequently updated.

buckdietforme – Xanga – 5/10/2005
Started shortly after Schultz had become heavily addicted to blogging, this blog chronicles her accomplishments in exercise, dieting, being healthy, and weight loss in general.  The name is derived from fellow student and friend of Schultz at Midland, Sally Buck, who successfully lost a fair amount of weight doing a diet that was eventually dubbed “The Buck Diet” by Shultz and friends.

Private Xanga(s) –Xanga – circa 2005 – present
Being an active journaler, Schultz was naturally attracted to the idea of transitioning the record of her most private thoughts from traditional notebooks to digital form in a private blog.  She has openly admitted to having at least one private Xanga, but the number could be much greater.

Jake and Amanda’s Pop Culture Blog – Tumblr – 10/2009
A joint venture between Schultz and friend, Jake Rundle, this blog discusses everything pop culture related, but tends to have an emphasis on TV.

PC Gamer Girl ("Raynor must survive!") – Tumblr – 1/10
Possibly the most random and out-out-of-nowhere Schultz blog, this one is devoted to her experiences in learning PC gaming, particularly StarCraft.

Single Plus Cat – Tumblr – 3/10
The newest Shultz blog comes shortly after she got a pet cat and documents the adventure of single living with a small feline friend as a self-proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady (CCL).

I generated a few plots to illustrate the severity of Schutz’s blogging addiction.  (The plots assume the existence of at least 3 private blogs)



With the ever increasing number of Shultz blogs, I became concerned that there might be a fair amount of animosity between the blogs spawning from some getting more attention than others, and a few being forgotten altogether.  Thus, I decided to invite them all over for dinner and a chance to clear the air a bit.

To my delight, all of the blogs were able to attend, save the private xangas for whom I did not have contact information.  And so on the night of the event, one by one, the blogs began to arrive.  Ilovescrubs showed up first, followed closely by Singlepluscat, then all the others, with PCgamergirl arriving last.  I set out some drinks and appetizers, and allowed the blogs to mingle.

I have to admit, it was awkward.  The atmosphere closely likened that of a high school dance.  Xanga blogs sort of congregated on one side of the room with Tumblrs on the other.  But even amongst their divisions, each blog seemed loathed to talk to the others.  In an effort to break the silence, Ilovescrubs voiced a complaint about the new homepage format of Xanga.  The other’s chuckled politely and agreed, but the conversation quickly ceased.

I decided to step in and try some icebreakers, which had moderate success in getting the guests warmed up to each other, but it wasn’t until I happened to crack a joke about not inviting Facebook that I managed to inadvertently bring the room together.  Everyone laughed and soon everyone was taking stabs at Facebook.  It quickly became evident that the entire room shared a general disdain for the website, and Schultz’s on-again, off-again relationship with it.  Ilovescrubs recalled when Facebook had first started up, and knowing Schultz’s addictive tendencies to anything web related, especially checking up on friends via status updates and photo postings, had feared that it would be the end of their relationship.  All of the blogs had been neglected at one time or another as Schultz chose to post new macro and candid photos to facebook rather than writing a blog post.  Everyone took a turn venting frustration about such.  They were each optimistic about Schultz’s recent decision to give up Facebook for Lent, and possibly forever, save a once-a-week check.

And then Buckdietforme chimed in recalling Schultz’s brief relationship with “that skank, Myspace”, and the others erupted in such laughter that they had tears streaming down their faces.  Then, in the most touching of moments, worthy of being posted on another blog elsewhere in the interwebs, the blogs began to apologize to one another.  Ilovescrubs admitted that she admires what Buckdietforme had done in getting readers everywhere excited about living healthy, and conceded that she loves the format of SinglePlusCat.  JakeandAmandasPopCultureBlog told Ilovescrubs that she is very fortunate to have such a committed relationship with Schultz.  Buckdietforme offered to give PCGamergirl some of her deodorant.  SinglePlusCat said she probably has some spare gillette razors laying around.

And so we concluded the night happily, with hugs had all around.  Everyone agreed that we should do it again some time.  SinglePlusCat suggested inviting MarriagePlusFood and possibly LauraKPeters

A few days later I received a thank you note in the form of a comment:

8 thoughts on “A Support Group for Amanda Schultz Blogs

  1. AbsolutelyAndrew,

    We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful dinner you had for us the other night. It was something that had been needing to happen for a long time, and we’re so grateful that you were bold enough to do it! Thanks again!

    The Amanda Blogs

    P.S. You are so much cooler than any of us could ever hope to be. Your format is awesome, and your content is funny, informative, and enlightening. Also, we love your photography–LauraKPeters and Dooce should take notes. Oh, that reminds–You should let us know next time you’re getting together with dooce–we’d love to meet her!

  2. I love your illustrations! Great story, Andrew!

    I think I need to have a cemetery for all of my blogs. Each one has a first post of how this one is not going to be like the last, I will stop posting about “stupid boys” and that I really think I can keep this going. Then I decide that I want to get too personal on a “privately public” journal, so I quit. Eventually, the lack of comments that my diary gives me leads me to open up yet another one.

    I kid you not. I think I maybe have four xangas, a shutterfly account, and some other randoms.

    Kudos to Amanda for being able to balance all of them and not leave some for dead!

  3. Oh my. Great post, although it was disturbing to read my own last name so many times. I do have a lot of blogs, none of which receive very much attention. I guess that’s the thing they have in common. That, and 0-2 comments per post.

    PS. I learned about this post through the dreaded facebook. All my blogs are jealous for sure.

  4. NICE. Wow, “absolutelyandrew.” I have to say, I scrolled quickly through the post first to see the hand-drawn progression, then I had to read the comments. I read the first comment several times to try to figure it out. Luckily, it made way more sense after reading the post in its entirety. Wow. I concur with Lynne; but still, good job 😉

    1. Haha, you were afraid that someone actually thought my photography is better than yours for a second? Don’t worry Laura, that will never happen in real life! 😉

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