Goodbye Snowboard, Hello Mountain Bike!


Although I had a slight twinge of sadness as I unstrapped and walked off the resort after the last run of the season a few weeks ago, such emotions did not last long as I packed the board in the back of the closet and pulled out the mountain bike.  After a quick tune-up, I was itching to ride, and the asphalt around town just wasn’t cutting it.  As luck would have it, several of my colleagues had the same cravings, and we’ve since gotten our wives’ stamp of approval and made mountain biking after work once a week part of our schedules.

This past Tuesday was our second time out, and we ventured out to Squaw Peak, which is not far from work.  It was supposed to be an all downhill, shuttle ride, but the stupid road was closed due to non-existent snow, so we ended up having to climb 1300 feet before enjoying the blissful descent.  It just made it all the more awesome though, even if the trail was a bit rocky…

Here we are at the top:

squaw pk 2



The Procerus Technologies MTB Team:  Brad, Steve, Me

squaw pk 1



And here’s the epic air that I got off a jump (or perhaps not):

One thought on “Goodbye Snowboard, Hello Mountain Bike!

  1. NICE!! The best part about the video was the sound effect at the end.

    I think that’s awesome you guys have your weekly ritual. I’m sure Tara enjoys her time alone as well. 🙂

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