This past weekend, Tara and I ventured down to Moab with friends.  We left Saturday morning and arrived at Arches National Park around 12:30 and spent the day seeing, you guessed it, arches.  First on the agenda was the Delicate Arch, a must see, especially if you live in Utah.  After all, it’s on the friggin’ license plate.

So we took the moderately easy, but more challenging than I’d expected for a “National Park Hike”, 3 mile round trip hike to see the famous geographic feature.  And it was indeed spectacular.  Far larger than I’d expected from the pictures.  It was sooo crowded though.  We had to wait in line to take pictures under it.

Here’s the group on the way there:



My attempted artistic angle:



Here’s what Google Earth says it looks like:

Delicate Arch


The rest of the group headed back to Salt Lake that evening, but Tara and I stayed at  KOA  that night and returned to the park to do more hiking on Sunday.  We did the Devil’s Garden hike, and I highly recommend it.  It is a 7.6 mile loop that takes you to 8 arches or so while undulating through a maze of the sandstone fins that arches are made from.  Best of all, it’s away from the crowds.


Awesomeness (waiting for the pod racers to go by):



We stopped for a snack of Cliff/Luna bars just on the other side of this arch.  Couldn’t have found a better place, despite the fact that my lens cap almost rolled off the edge.  Another hiker was prepared to lay out for it though, had it not come to rest in a small shrub first.  What a dude.  Look at that framing!



A shot of the “fins” I mentioned earlier:



Struggling to hold on for dear life…kidding, there’s no cliff there.  Don’t diss my hat, Rachel—it works wonders on a sunny desert hike.


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  1. I was just going to say, “Like father like son!” Adorable. So I’ve decided you need to give Jesse and I advise on places in this area we can hike otherwise Tara and you will school us if we go backpacking this summer. I’m going to call you sometime soon because I have interesting facts and news. I tried something and I wasn’t thrilled- did I mess up!

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