Top 5 Birthday Posts on My Wall

Let me preface this by saying that I enjoyed each and every post on my wall in honor of the day of my birth.  These are the posts that were either the most creative, made me laugh the hardest, or both.


5.  Happy Birthday snow demon—Pastor Eric

4.  happy birthday Mormon—Kiranbir

3.  i still have “Dusty & The Andrew” in my phone contacts. I wonder who would answer if i called that dorm room now. 🙂 THANKS FOR BEING BORN!!! hope you have a great one!—Kettelhake

2.  It was about this time 25 years ago that your mother woke me up and said “it’s time”. “Time for what?” I replied sleepily. Happy 25th, Andrew!—My father

1.  May the fleece of a thousand Gideons become wet with dew and commemorate you as a mighty man of valor, on this, the day of your birth.—Gavin

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