Ben Visits Utah

Fall is a busy time of year for Tara and me.  Taking full advantage of the nice weather just before winter, we tend to jam pack our weekends.  This year, we were also fortunate enough to have a few visitors from out-of-state, one of which was my brother, Ben, who stayed with us for a few days at the end of August.  He was loving the temperatures here, which were hot for Utah standards in the high 90s, but much cooler than Yuma where he is currently stationed with the Marines.  As we showed Ben some of our favorite spots around Salt Lake City, we ended up having a few firsts of our own.

  • Salt Lake City bar crawl, complete with drunk-dialing Garin, whom we mistook for being drunk as well, but was actually just having a mellow evening with a few friends in the Neihardt lobby.
  • Camping in a massive thunderstorm.  It was such an incredible experience and we stayed nice and dry in our new tent.
  • Swimming in the Salt Lake.  I am convinced that this is one of the most tranquil and relaxing things you can do in Utah—as long as you can ignore the smell and the shrimp that is.  The increased buoyancy of the salty water allows one to float easily and the lake is so perfectly peaceful.



Catherine’s Pass after a rainy hike.  Ben’s not actually that sweaty.



The Marine proudly surveys the waterfall he discovered.



Antelope Island



Framing credits go to Ben on this one.

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