So This is Christmas…

Time got the best of us this holiday season and we did not get around to writing, printing, stuffing, and sending a Christmas letter.  With the Christmas rush over, I have decided to create an innovative, unprecedented interactive Christmas letter here.

2011 was a year of traveling for us.  Nothing major, just a whole bunch of weekend trips.  In fact, when I listed out everywhere we traveled over this past year, I came up with 24 items.  That’s a trip nearly every other weekend!  No wonder we feel exhausted!  So, in a project that took me more time than I care to admit, I added each location to the map below.  Each tag contains a brief description, photo (most of which original), and in many cases, a link to the post that goes with it!  Feel free to click through and see what we’ve been up to all year!

Expert tip: Embedded maps are awesome, but follow the link on the lower left: “2011 Travels” for an easier to use full-size map.

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2011 was another good year for us career-wise.  Tara continues to really enjoy her job and seems to keep getting more letters behind her name.  She is currently up to M.S.L.C.G.C. which basically just says she knows her shit.

After a year at my job, unsure that I was cutting it, I was pleasantly surprised with a promotion to Lead Quality Assurance and Test Engineer.  The new position has been both challenging and rewarding as I now have 4 tremendously talented technicians reporting to me.  Thank goodness they don’t require much managing because I’m as green as they come!

We hope this finds you well.  Our biggest blessing in life continues to be amazing families and friends.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Andrew & Tara

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  1. That is awesome! My alarm just rang so I have to leave for work, but I will be back to check out all your trips. Now I feel bad- for not sending out Christmas cards AND not coming up with an even better substitution.

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