Monthly Archives: January 2012

Advances in the Photography Front

I’ve yet to become a huge fan of post processing.  In a way, it seems like cheating, but mostly it’s just because I loose interest in such things after a photo has been taken.  But I’m trying to do better.  We recently purchased an iMac, and with it comes iPhoto.  I love this program, and it has finally helped me take an interest in photo editing.  With a single click of the “Enhance” button, a good photo can become great.  I also enjoy the shutter correction features and filters.  Some day soon, I’ll probably purchase some full-blown processing software such as Photoshop Elements, which seems the obvious choice.  Pixelmator looks like a pretty solid option as well.

Here are some of the photos from our Christmas trip to Tahoe, thanks to iPhoto:




Tara’s parents were nice enough to give me an external flash for Christmas.  Now I can accomplish that nice ceiling bounce without doing tricks like this.







New Stuff

For some time, I’ve been intending to add a page of my old poetry, and I finally did so!  It was an incredibly frustrating process trying to copy and past all these weird-ass fonts into a single document (Evidently I used to think it was cool to write sonnets in gradually increasing text size).  And for some reason, MarsEdit doesn’t like to go from Times New Roman to Helvetica.  So it’s a little kludgy still, but I was so fed up, I just posted it.

I’ve made a couple exciting new additions to the AbsolutelyAndrew Endorsed Blogs list. Be sure to check these out.

Lastly, there is now a history drop down.  This way, if you’re racking your brain trying to figure out what that AbsolutelyAndrew post was that you want to pull a quote from for that important business proposal you’re working on, you can jump to the month you think it was posted in!  Can you say innovative?

Lastly, Dooce is getting divorced.  WTF?  Your readers got you through postpartum depression, but they couldn’t help with this?  Come on, Heather.

AbsolutelyAndrew Turns 2!!

A few weeks ago this blog turned the ripe age of 2 years old.  Much has happened in the past 2 years.  Blogging has gone in and out of style twice, other hobbies perpetually try to kill this blog, and I continue to be one of the only men I know that actively participate in this hobby.  Dignity be damned, I keep on keepin’ on.  This past year I wrote 51 posts.  This is slightly less than last year and nowhere near my goal of 100 (last years drunken New Year’s resolution).

It is this time of year that I like to take narcism to a new level, above and beyond writing a blog about myself, and publish the greatest hits of myself.  As always (a total of twice), I do the top five by page views and, because that’s usually disappointing, I also do my top 5 favorite.

Top Posts by Numbers:
5. Tara’s Account of our First Backpacking Trip
4.  What to do if you Encounter a Mormon
3.  University of Nebraska Bucket List
2. Garin’s Account of Mt. Newcomb
1.  Was That Girl Topless?

Honorable Mention: We Are NOT Pregnant

My Favorite:
5.  What to do if you Encounter a Mormon
4.  The Respect of a Moose
3.  Camp Shower
2.  Things You Do When You’re Married
1.  Awkward CPU


Great Moments in Comments:

When Benjamin corrected my spelling of “Haight-Ashbury” moments before I could get the edit uploaded.

When Laura admitted to farting prior to entering a coworker’s office.

When Garin simply commented: “I Enjoy your Wood” with regards to our wood floor.

When my father commiserated about an 18 year-old Garin waking he and my mother up at 6 AM Christmas Morning


Self-Proclaimed Best Photo of the Year:




Blog Dares 2012!!!

Its a new year which means it’s time for another round of AbsolutelyAndrew blog dares!!  If you’re new to the blogroll, this is how it works: I give you a dare, and you post it to your blog sometime this year.  It’s that simple.  Those who choose not to participate will be publicly humiliated on January 1st 2013.  That’s right–I will be posting your bared html for all to see!

Gavin’s Stuff: Write an informative post entitled “How I ____” or “Why I ____”.  Examples: “Why I got a cat” or “How I Seduced Pat Benatar”

Reynolds Tribe: Write a humerus Sloan Crosley/David Sedaris-Style essay about a life experience.

Amanda: Create a new marriage blog, and, for the love of God, title it something other than “Amanda&Chris”.

Easily Inspired: Marriage Advice!! Make it funny–no chain letter crap.

Officially Different: Newlywed Habits–take whatever direction you want.

Laura K Peters: You didn’t do last year’s dare, but you comment regularly, so you get a 2nd chance.  Find the craziest old-school camera you can get your hands on and do a series of candid portraits.  Extra points if it is a pinhole camera.  Extra Extra points if it’s medium format.

Get musing! Only 360 days left!!