Blog Dares 2012!!!

Its a new year which means it’s time for another round of AbsolutelyAndrew blog dares!!  If you’re new to the blogroll, this is how it works: I give you a dare, and you post it to your blog sometime this year.  It’s that simple.  Those who choose not to participate will be publicly humiliated on January 1st 2013.  That’s right–I will be posting your bared html for all to see!

Gavin’s Stuff: Write an informative post entitled “How I ____” or “Why I ____”.  Examples: “Why I got a cat” or “How I Seduced Pat Benatar”

Reynolds Tribe: Write a humerus Sloan Crosley/David Sedaris-Style essay about a life experience.

Amanda: Create a new marriage blog, and, for the love of God, title it something other than “Amanda&Chris”.

Easily Inspired: Marriage Advice!! Make it funny–no chain letter crap.

Officially Different: Newlywed Habits–take whatever direction you want.

Laura K Peters: You didn’t do last year’s dare, but you comment regularly, so you get a 2nd chance.  Find the craziest old-school camera you can get your hands on and do a series of candid portraits.  Extra points if it is a pinhole camera.  Extra Extra points if it’s medium format.

Get musing! Only 360 days left!!


2 thoughts on “Blog Dares 2012!!!

  1. I have no idea who Sloan Crosley is, and I haven’t read David Sedaris since high school. I vaguely recall being offended or annoyed with the book I read. So… I think you need to come up with something different! Besides, aren’t the vast majority of my posts humorous re-tellings of life experiences? Like how I literally dragged Sam through the fabric store this morning because he absolutely refused to walk…

  2. @Kara-Haha, fair enough. My original thought was for you to do a geek post. Tara says food post. I’ll let you pick. Or you could do a geeky food post…

    And in Sam’s defense, I would have refused to walk in a fabric store as well. Even today maybe…

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