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Andy Sandberg Look-Alike

This past January, Tara and I enjoyed our 3rd Sundance Film Festival.  We saw three films this year, one of which, Madrid 1987, was at the small, intimate theater at the Sundance Resort.  The journey up to the resort on that Saturday afternoon was exciting enough–Utah was finally getting hammered with a snowstorm and chains were required for the final few miles–but I was interested to try out our new chains anyway, so we chained up and made it to the resort without issue.

We took our seats in the theater with about 20 minutes to spare.  In an effort to look artsy for Sundance, I was wearing my fedora.  Presently, the couple next to us pulled out a camera and asked the people sitting in front of them to take a picture for them.  This picture taking continued for a surprisingly long time with multiple people being given the camera for different angles, each of which seeming to have me in them.  I even turned to Tara and said: “Why are these people taking so many pictures of a dark movie theater? I’m in like all of these pictures!”.

Eventually the photography subsided, and it wasn’t long before the guy was turning to me, and, as politely as he could muster: “Excuse me sir.  Sorry to bother you, but are you on SNL?”  I was floored.  Never in my life had I been mistaken for a celebrity.  I laughed and told him no.  He asked me if I am an actor, and I told him I’m just an engineer.  He then tried to recall the name of the celebrity whom they thought I was.  The couple in front of them chimed in, admitting that they too had thought I was Andy Sandberg.

Can’t quite figure that one out.  I can only guess that it was the fedora, and the fact that people are typically on high alert for celebrity sitings at the film festival.  Below are pictures of how I appeared on that snowy day and one of the more nerdy photos of Sandberg I could find.  I attempted to imitate his expression.

Photo on 2012 02 28 at 21 33

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I think those people were on crack.  I’m no celebrity look-alike.  Although I do sometimes do my “Justin Bieber” to seduce Tara.



That’s a joke, Fox News!!

I must admit, this is the most costume changes I’ve ever done for a post.  Awkward…

Oh yeah, the movie was great!



AbsolutelyAndrew Categories Explained

It has come to my attention lately that my categories might be slightly less than intuitive.  I have therefore decided to share the inspiration for each one such that you won’t be scratching your head next time you see “Is your wife interested in photography?” at the end of a post.

A Day in the Life: This one is obviously stolen from the Beatles song.  Do you get shivers hearing John’s eerie wail?  I still do.  This category typically contains narratives about things we’ve been up to.

Crooked Crowbar: This is for DIY projects.  I just like the way it sounds–an eloquent alliteration, if you will.

Here’s What I think of That: No fun backstory here–just a category for my opinionated ramblings.

Is your wife interested in Photography?: Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink–do you get it now?  One of my most favorite Monty Python sketches.  This is, of course, the photography category.

Little Nuggets of Wisdom: This is a posh category reserved for when I write something that I think is smart.

LMFAO!!!: Seeing this written in response to something has always greatly amused me.  For times when a simple “LOL” just doesn’t quite express it.  These are my attempts at being funny.

The Great Outdoors: This one is obvious