AbsolutelyAndrew Categories Explained

It has come to my attention lately that my categories might be slightly less than intuitive.  I have therefore decided to share the inspiration for each one such that you won’t be scratching your head next time you see “Is your wife interested in photography?” at the end of a post.

A Day in the Life: This one is obviously stolen from the Beatles song.  Do you get shivers hearing John’s eerie wail?  I still do.  This category typically contains narratives about things we’ve been up to.

Crooked Crowbar: This is for DIY projects.  I just like the way it sounds–an eloquent alliteration, if you will.

Here’s What I think of That: No fun backstory here–just a category for my opinionated ramblings.

Is your wife interested in Photography?: Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink–do you get it now?  One of my most favorite Monty Python sketches.  This is, of course, the photography category.

Little Nuggets of Wisdom: This is a posh category reserved for when I write something that I think is smart.

LMFAO!!!: Seeing this written in response to something has always greatly amused me.  For times when a simple “LOL” just doesn’t quite express it.  These are my attempts at being funny.

The Great Outdoors: This one is obvious


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