A Tribute to My Mother

It is Mother’s Day, and in an effort to honor mothers everywhere, I have decided to put off all chores and relax all day.

I actually have quite the list of things to accomplish today, but topping the list is writing this post about why my mom is awesome.  And don’t worry, Mom, you will be getting a real gift and a phone call in addition to this.

One of the more interesting things about leaving home and becoming a real “adult” is you are constantly reminded how much your mother was right about.  I can remember when I was 16, had just gotten my drivers license, and was so eager to get behind the wheel and explore.  Having been restricted to a radius about the house accessible by bike for all my life, the possibilities of having a 4-cylinder engine at my disposal was teenage boy heaven.  My mother, avid reader of Bottom Line, a conservative, everything kills you, publication, was slow to increase my freedom.  She cited my underdeveloped Prefrontal Lobe and claimed my judgement not what it should be to operate a 1000 lb. automobile.  Erroneous! I told her, although I didn’t know that word yet.  I tried to convince her that I was not like the statistics and that I had it together.  But my mother held firm.  She did however, slowly increase the radius in which I was allowed to drive.  First just incredibly short joy rides and to and from school, and then longer distances for my paper route.

Years later, something would click in my mind and I would fully realize the dangers of vehicles, and the whole Prefrontal Lobe argument would suddenly make sense.  Although I still refuse to trust anything that is printed on Bottom Line, I have to concede that my mom was, in fact, correct.

I have utmost respect for my mom for letting me take risks in spite of her greatest fears.  And I now understand how hard it must have been for her to hand over those keys back then.  But those risks and that freedom helped me grow into the person I am today.  

  • Engineering:  When climbing trees, ensure the branch is strong enough to support your weight or you WILL fall.
  • Probability:  Hitting golf balls in the vicinity of windows WILL result in a broken window.
  • Finances:  Broken windows cost money to fix.
  • Chivalry:  Staring at hot joggers for too long while driving is never a good idea.
  • Physics:  Driving too fast on icy roads will likely put you in a snow drift due to reduced friction.  Having your friends sit on the hood while you spin the wheels increases friction and aids in getting out.
I, of course, am biased, but I’d say she did a pretty good job.  To this day, she is one of the first people I call for advice on big life decisions.  She can play devil’s advocate like none other, and I value her knowledge and experience (although sometimes I wish she would just tell me what to do).
Thanks for everything, Mom!  I love you!
P.S. You’ll get your gift when I see you next week.  That is because I want to give it to you in person, not because I haven’t gotten one yet…
IMG 0011
This picture has nothing to do with this post, but it is all sorts of awesome.  What the frig is Garin doing?  And Benjamin’s wind  suit is more epic than I know how to say.

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