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A Hike to the Hot Pots

This past Saturday, Tara and I ventured down to Spanish Fork Canyon to take advantage of the perfect weather with a hike to the 5th Water Hot Springs known as the “Hot Pots” by the locals.  It took us longer than we’d have liked to get to the trailhead.  This was partially do to me not getting the directions before we departed and only having a general idea of where we were going (I’m used to Tara doing this step by now), but man instincts kicked in, and I got us there (even if we did have to double back a few miles).

Swimsuits under our clothes, (“It’s lucky my boobs are small enough that I can get away with this,” Tara said.), we set out on the 2.5 mile hike up the canyon to the hot pots.  The terrain is particularly striking, with red rock on the more sunny side and lush evergreens on the shadier side.  The warm water of the stream (from the hot springs) allows for an abundance of growth along its banks.  Thick green moss blankets boulders that protrude from the stream while hairs of algae sway two and fro in the current as though they’re at a Journey concert sans the lighters. 

That’s enough National Geographic talk—I just wanted to see if I could do it.  So we made good time and made it to the Hot Pots in under an hour.  We had heard that nude bathers frequent the pools, so we were slightly apprehensive about what we might find.  In the first pool, we observed a couple that we can only hope had been dry humping, and were eternally grateful that the other pools were upstream.

Despite the shaky first impression, the rest of the people we saw enjoying the hot pots that day were not exhibiting disgusting amounts of affection and were all fully covered (as much as a bathing suit covers, that is).

We decided to venture a little further up the trail beyond the hot pots before getting in, and were almost immediately glad we had, because not even a quarter mile further up the trail was a spectacular waterfall.




I had not felt like lugging the SLR that day, and only had my little point-and-shoot, and as a result, could not get a sweet, silky waterfall shot.  Blast!  Oh well, it was too sunny anyway…

I did get a timer shot of the two of us, which turned out OK, even if we did completely dwarf the magnitude of the falls…



See that ledge between the upper and lower falls?  We climbed down to that!  It was completely Tara’s idea!  What?  You don’t believe me?  Fine.  Anyway, it’s not as bad as it may look, but it did involve some all-fours scrambling, and was totally worth it.

We then returned to the Hot Pots, and found a vacant one to dry hump in.  Kidding! It was pretty awesome.  The water was a perfect temperature, and although it smelled strongly of sulfur, neither of us minded because it meant we could both fart freely with out the other noticing.




I had a girl take this picture of us.  I think our smiles look pretty genuine despite the fact that her ill-behaved sopping wet dogs were clamoring all over our clothes.